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Yong Huat – Possibly The Only Place You Get Tik Poh In Your Prawn Noodles!
By Alfred January 27, 2010
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Yong Huat – Possibly The Only Place You Get Tik Poh In Your Prawn Noodles!
Fast Facts
Prawn Noodle (虾面)
Chinese Cuisine
Coffee Shop
Price Range:
S$1 - S$5
Rating Range:
8 to 8.9
Food Centre:
Recommended For:
Breakfast Dinner Lunch
Reviewed by:

There are so many big prawn noodles stalls that aim to produce a bowl of mind-blowing hae mee with king prawns but do you think ingredients like sliced fish cakes and sliced pork should be discarded in that process?

After eating so many big prawn noodles recently, I am missing a bit of the sliced fish cakes and sliced pork. I mean no doubt we want a hearty bowl of hae mee that can triumph in shiokness but the basic balance of the overall taste shouldn’t be overlooked too right? I for one would really cherish things like a few stems of kangkong or sliced pork(even if it’s tasteless) in a bowl of noodle soup because these ingredients can always balance off the otherwise rich flavours of the stock pleasantly.

榮發 YONG HUAT at 125/127 East Coast Road – 70 years old stall!

Yong Huat which is on the East Coast Road(a few steps away from Aston Specialties) comes across as a jack of all trades but master of none kind of hawker stall because they have almost all the popular hawker items such as fishball noodles, minced pork noodles, prawn noodles, char kway teow, hokkien mee, and all other types of fried noodles like tong fen, mee sua and even mee tai mak on their menu! Now though they looked like one of those chapalang hawker stall but they have a 70 years old history ok, so don’t play play!

Not knowing what to eat, I asked for their top selling item and the boss made me a bowl of prawn noodle dry kway teow. Ok, I was half expecting to be served a hokkein mee because many tables there had a plate of hokkien mee on their table.

榮發 YONG HUAT prawn noodle $3

It will only cost you $3 for a bowl of hae mee here so don’t expect fancy ingredients. The prawns were pretty flavorless which is a sign of it spending too much time in the water. What can hit home here for pork lovers is the tor bak aka pork belly. These pork belly slices are what the owner uses for frying his hokkien mee but you get it in your hae mee soup here too, somehow. I don’t eat boiled pork belly so it didn’t score any points for me but I am sure pork belly lovers will die for it.

榮發 YONG HUAT prawn noodle $3

What however shioked me to no ends is the tik poh!! FWAHHHHHH! You get generous amount of grounded tik poh on your noodles. Tik poh powered kway teow is just something that I can love very much but the chilli just happened to be also one of the best hae mee chilli I’ve eaten!

The soup has a faint hint of tik poh flavour but is clearly a hae bee(dried shrimped) soup base which was quite outstanding nonetheless. Ingredients are quite generous while I can never forget how the chilli sauce blew me away. For $3, I don’t think it is easy to get a better hae mee deal and for pork belly and tik poh lovers, Yong Huat is nothing but good news.

榮發 YONG HUAT prawn noodle $3

Price: $3

Recommendation: I heard their fishballs, hokkien mee and mee suah are good.

Conclusion: Shiok hae mee with a lot of tik poh on your noodles. Everything is quite good except that the the prawns are quite tasteless but then again it’s only $3 you need to part so this is quite affordable bowl of prawn noodles. The chilli sauce is what that will make me come back again and again!

Likes: Grounded tik poh on your noodles. Chilli sauce very shiok. Soup is shiok too! Ingredients aplenty!

Dislikes: Ingredients a bit tasteless.

Address Overall Rating

125/127 East Coast Road
Time: 0800 – 2000 Daily
Owner: Mr. Pang Weng Hong
Tel: 96301370

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Linus says:

the best dish here is the hokkien mee!

Posted June 12, 2010
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