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Simpang Bedok Roti Prata
By Alfred May 7, 2009
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Simpang Bedok Roti Prata
Fast Facts
Roti Prata
Indian Cuisine
Coffee Shop
Price Range:
S$1 - S$5
Rating Range:
5 to 5.9
Bedok (勿洛)
Food Centre:
Simpang Bedok Food Centre
Recommended For:
Breakfast Lunch
Reviewed by:

Have you ever wondered whether the roti prata man is making a lot of money or not? Well I have and I always wonder. On one hand they’re selling to you nothing more than a piece of flour with diluted curry water for 80 cent to $1. But on the other hand, they need to flip and pan fry and that looked so physical until when they finally put the prata infront of you they looked so tired and seems to be trudging the floor. Not forgetting all the kneading of the dough and washing of the plates that we’ll never get to see.

So are they making good profit or are they not making good profit? But the thing is the only place I ever seen roti prata sellers happily collecting money are those at Jalan Kayu. The rest of them at kopitiam looked as if they are working in a job that they can’t wait to quit.

Ok now, roti prata is really a simple dish that can attract the whole spectrum of the community. You see Indians, Malays and Chinese eating this. You see kids, teenagers, adults and even elders eating this. I mean it is really something that few people hate and many people doesn’t mind eating. Infact I think it is one of the most favourite food of Singaporean. I mean you hardly see Indians eating chinese char kway teow right? Or even our you tiao? But roti prata is something that is so commonly ordered by people from different races that I think as long you know how to knead, then you won’t go bankrupt in the business.

It is very easy to find decent pratas. In my opinion, any stall can make you a decent one and the trick is to make it when you ordered and not before. So some stalls who have the habit of making pratas before customers order are forever avoided by me. It’s not that I’m fussy or picky but if you’re fine with a mee pok stall that makes the bowl of mee pok before you appear at the stall then I will say that your taste bud really have standard but just a lower one.

Ok other than the prata which has to be flipped and fried on the spot, I am also very particular about the curry. Somehow for me, the best curry to go with prata is some fish curry which somewhat looked diluted. Now you can take this chance to call my taste bud low standard if you like but that is really enough for me. Bring the dal curry or mutton curry away from me when I’m eating prata, those kind of curries are really suitable for eating with biryani or rice only in my opinion.

I used to spend a lot of time accompanying my dad for breakfast in the past and one of his favourite haunt is at this roti prata place along Jalan Simpang Bedok.

[xrr label=”Roti Prata at Simpang Bedok:” rating=”5.5/10″ group=”s1″]

This place smack of clubbers looking for a bite even at around 5am to 6am and I’m not saying they make really really good roti pratas but if you were to go in the morning before 7am, then you can be guaranteed a decent meal of roti prata because they can make it on the spot for you. I love their fish curry especially and also their teh tarik is one of the best i’ve tasted. I’m not saying that they’re better than Jalan Kayu but at the same time I can’t see where Jalan Kayu is better than them too other than the crowd.

Price: $0.80

Recommendation: Roti prata kosong(before 7am)

Conclusion: A very good prata if served hot. If it is cold, then it taste the same like anywhere else. The peak hours are from 12am to 6am I suppose since it’s a popular supper place so if you really enjoy freshly fried pratas but find Jalan Kayu too far, then here is the place to go.

Likes: Made on the spot.

Dislikes: Place not very clean.

Address Overall Rating

Corner Kopitiam at Simpang Bedok

[xrr label=”Food:” rating=”6/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Value:” rating=”6/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Service:” rating=”6/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Ambience:” rating=”5/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Cleanliness:” rating=”5/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr overall=true group=s1 label=Overall:]


Readers' Comment(s) : 8
Lim Boon Tiong says:

You might also want to check whether the prata man washes his hands after going to the toilet before he starts flipping your prata.


I always feel that the prata at Jalan Kayu is overrated. I can find good prata everywhere at long as they don’t make them before I order. It is definitely worth the wait.

Posted May 7, 2009
Alfred says:

Yes that famous story of how they never wash their hands and especially if they have rings, then those particles stuck inside and when they flip prata, it go mix with the flour and that’s why it taste so good……lol

Posted May 7, 2009
Lim Boon Tiong says:

yes.. their rings have different patterns… u can request for the triangle shaped, or star crest shaped masks on yr pattern.
it looks unique and might taste “better” too. haha. 😛

Posted May 7, 2009
JzChen says:

I heard about that famous story as well!! LOL!!!
come to think of it, i agree with BT that jln kayu is really over-rated.. and good pratas are to be made on the spot for its crisp!

and Alfred, my dad loves that stall as well! However, I find that their standard declined (both prata and curry). Or maybe it was just that day for their ‘special ingredient’ which doesn’t taste that well. *pukes*

After that incident, i went across the road for pratas. One of the shops in the middle (can’t remember the stall’s name), but it tasted good =)

Posted May 7, 2009
Alfred says:

I find that too…in the past it was indeed quite good.. I think they changed ownership…

Posted May 7, 2009
Jasmine says:

I am not a fan of Indian food and the only food I can “accept” from Indian cuisine is Roti Prata. :P. The stall I patronise is along Jalan Anak Bukit (opp Beauty World). I prefer Thosai than Roti Prata.

Posted May 7, 2009
JzChen says:

that explains.. secret recipe wasn’t passed on!!
sighz.. i missed the days when prata (kosong) cost only 50 cents!! =/ compared to current pratas which can hit $1.40/kosong!!!!

Posted May 7, 2009
Alfred says:

I think so, that old man i used to see isn’t there anymore. And then nowadays there is a team of malay helpers whom are like shifted from somewhere else…

Posted May 7, 2009
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