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No Crêpes – Ice Cream Prata also shiok!
By Alfred August 24, 2009
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No Crêpes – Ice Cream Prata also shiok!
Fast Facts
Ice Cream Prata
Indian Cuisine
Coffee Shop
Price Range:
S$6 - S$10
Rating Range:
7 to 7.9
Jalan Kayu
Food Centre:
Recommended For:
Dinner Supper
Reviewed by:

Has any of you ever wondered what does it take to beat those roti prata sellers in Jalan Kayu? Quite simply every single time I dined there, it left me wondering what’s the fuss about that place. The roti prata there is good but so does many other places. The Indian Rojak is not bad but taste somewhat ‘factory made’. The Nasi Biryani is ok but definitely not in the same league as those at Little India. So why do you think that place is pulling the crowd? It’s funny that at times it’s not the quality of the food that makes a stall a winner but some other things and when it’s right, it’s seriously right, nothing can chase the crowd away, not even exorbitant prices.

Eating Roti Prata at Jalan Kayu is quite similar to eating Bak Chor Mee at Bedok. The crowd appears for common reasons. But the Bak Chor Mee at Bedok is authentic so the pull of the crowd can be easily understood however, to travel all the way to Jalan Kayu just for a prata is a little hard to figure especially if you take into account the petrol money which will cost something like $5 to $10(to and fro) and then the meal might end up to become quite an expensive one.

Yet crowds have been appearing as if Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant at Jalan Kayu serves the best prata and indeed they have a logo that claims they’ve been awarded ‘The Best Prata In Singapore‘ though I’m quite curious who awarded it. Nonetheless they’ve done well to evolve into one of those places in Singapore where supper eaters go for a bite or just a teh tarik.

Though the prata at Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant has nothing to shout about, there’s something on the menu there that could all be their own invention. For those who loves eating ice cream, I’m sure you would have eaten it on a waffle. For some reasons, the shiokness level can be quite high eating ice cream that way and in Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant they don’t have waffles but they have something similar with an ‘Indian Remix’ twist which is called the Ice Cream Prata. From memory I’ve never seen it anywhere else so I’m pretty sure it’s one of those food that Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant invented to cater to people who have a sweet tooth.

I don’t crave for ice cream often but when I do, it’s one of those places like Gelare where I’d just get a cone with a single scoup. Now that would usually cost me around $4-$5 and for me that’s pretty steep to pay for just 1 scoup but yet I’m not one of those people who would buy a tub and eat at home so what’s the next best thing to do?

Ice Cream Prata also can be shiok!

Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant offers you Ice Cream Prata which has 3 scoups of ice cream in it for just $6. Now if you take away the cost of the prata, then it’ll be around $5. and that’ll be something like $1.70 per scoup, isn’t that a fantastic price ? Ok though the ice creams are no frills kind but when you are in need of an ice cream fix, any ice ceam is still ice cream right?

This creative prata is probably the only reason why I wouldn’t mind dropping by Jalan Kayu in the middle of the night.

Price: $6

Recommendation: Ice Cream Prata. Others like Banana Prata and Cheese Prata are worth a try too. If you’re a curry diehard then go for the common prata.

Conclusion: For someone who don’t really enjoy indulging in ice cream from tubs at home, buying scoops is the best way out and I’m not quite sure where else in Singapore I can buy 3 scoops of ice cream wrapped in a piece of crispy prata that wouldn’t cost you the skyscrappers in Shenton Way so that’s why Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant is still the place to go for me. If you know any other places that offers something similiar, especially in the east side, drop me a mail!

Likes: Comparable to those Ice-cream Crêpes though not that glamour lah.

Dislikes: A little too sweet.

Address Overall Rating

Thasevi Famous Jalan Kayu Prata Restaurant
237/239 Jalan Kayu

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[xrr label=”Cleanliness:” rating=”6/10″ group=”s1″]
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Readers' Comment(s) : 14
Jasmine Tan says:

So far, I had never tried Roto Prata with icecream. Just feel funny to eat Prata with icecream. I prefer originality in eating Prata, either dip in curry or sprinkle with fine sugar.

Posted August 24, 2009
Derrick says:

A prata stall at Bukit Timah have also. Near boon tong kee…around $5.

Posted August 24, 2009
Eddie says:

Sound like something that can give you a stomach upset. LOL

Posted August 24, 2009
Jasmine Tan says:

haha.. I identify with you. Oily Prata with cold ice-cream…dun understand how 2 items complements each other.. 😛

Posted August 24, 2009
Steven says:

Jalan kayu is one of the over-rated place to eat…Bedok bak chor mee also..lavander wanton mee…tian tian hainan chicken rice also….all of this over rated food should be avoided.

Posted August 24, 2009
Alfred says:

Well if you’ve eaten Ice Cream Crepes before, then it more or less taste the same lah 😛

Posted August 24, 2009
Alfred says:

That’s even further for me. Anyway thanks for your info!

Posted August 24, 2009
Alfred says:

Well if you eat it with curry then you might!

Posted August 24, 2009
Alfred says:

not that oily la…LOL

Posted August 24, 2009
Alfred says:

Well i agree, many places are famous for unknown reasons, like i say, once a stall get famous, quality of the food does not really matter. I guess that’s why the phrase ‘standard dropped liao’ is so often heard.

Posted August 24, 2009
Steven says:

yes very over rated at jln kayu. you can buy 1 prata and go home make your own ice cream prata. sure less than $6.

Posted August 24, 2009
Swee Peng says:

Roto Prata I also never try before…hee

Posted August 24, 2009
Jasmine Tan says:

er…sorry..that was a typo error. Should be Roti Prata.

Posted August 25, 2009
Jasmine Tan says:

** Hammer yr head and plaster yr mouth **

Posted August 25, 2009
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