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Lam’s Abalone Soup – The Ultimate Bowl Of Mee Pok Tah!
By Alfred January 10, 2010
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Lam’s Abalone Soup – The Ultimate Bowl Of Mee Pok Tah!
Fast Facts
Bak Chor Mee (肉脞面) Mee Pok Tah (鱼丸面)
Chinese Cuisine
Coffee Shop
Price Range:
S$6 - S$10
Rating Range:
7 to 7.9
Food Centre:
Recommended For:
Dinner Lunch
Reviewed by:

Have you ever wondered what does it take to create a bowl of mee pok tah that is second to none? I must confess that the vigorous attempt by Ah Guan Mee Pok Pte Ltd quite wow me with their $7 bowl which has ingredients like scallops and crayfish but the shiokness there somehow didn’t quite hit the potential for me because boiled seafoods are not shiok enough.

So what can come to the rescue?

Lam’s Abalone Soup is popular with several ministers and even our PM is a fan!

Ah Lam Abalone Noodles looks like one of those contemporary food joints where the setting is a little more appealing and the ingredients used are a little finer. They specialise in upgrading comfort food to very shiok food with ingredients like abalone and sharksfin.

Special Braised Abalone

A bowl of Lam’s Abalone Special Noodle will set you back $6 while other items like Sharkfin(sic) Handmade Noodle will cost you $15 and they have other shiok food like Buddah(sic) Jumps Over The Wall($38), Fresh Abalone Soup($8) and even fresh abalone sliced on a plate for $38. Of course they also have other common food like braised pig’s trotter($6) or braised beancurd($6) if you’re not looking to break your piggy bank.

Lam’s Abalone Special Noodle $6

I must say that their $6 abalone bak chor mee is quite respectable. The sauce is very delicious and the extreme wetness makes me slurp the noodles enthusiastically. Chilli was good and the strong hint of sourness expounded the liveliness. Other than 2 pieces of abalone(1 inch cube), you get some other miscellaneous ingredients like fish dumpling, pork ball, pork liver, dried sole fish and minced pork. It is delicious enough to make me want to part $3 for it without the abalone so I’m literally paying another $1.50 for each piece of 1 inch abalone. You are technically having a ‘cheap chew’ of abalone instead of having to spend $50 for a can otherwise.

The one thing Ah Lam Abalone Noodles does well is giving you the portion of the noodles just enough to have you minimally filled so that your tummy will ask for more after your bowl is emptied. I have already visited them 3 times in the past few days and I can tell you that the thing that trapped me is not the abalone nor the sauce but how it always makes me yearning for more when nothing is left in the bowl.

For $6, this bowl of bak chor mee contains very simple ingredients and 2 pieces of abalone cube(3 at some branches). If you are not an abalone person, it might be better for you to spend your $6 elsewhere because for all the shiokness of the sauce otherwise, $6 is way too steep. For me, I really love the sauce and wouldn’t mind a cheap bite of abalone for $3 more.

Specially Braised Abalone in a $6 Mee Pok Tah

Price: $6

Recommendation: Special Abalone Noodle

Conclusion: Bak Chor Mee is a simple food but the ingredients here are enriched with the addition of abalone. The abalone pieces are braised in some kind of delicious gravy which is very shiok for me. Not the best abalone in the world but for $3 more, there should not be any complaints. They have several branches around the island in places like Boon Lay and Kaki Bukit. At Kaku Bukit it goes for $6.50 but with 3 pieces of abalone instead. Somehow it can keep me coming back for more. 3 visits in just a few days even surprised me but the fact is I keep wanting more after my bowl is emptied. The soup is also quite nice with a subtle herby flavour.

Likes: Sauce on the noodle is good. Very wet.

Dislikes: Bak chor precooked.

Address Overall Rating

Lam’s Abalone Soup
460 Race Course Road
10pm to 8pm
Off: Monday

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Readers' Comment(s) : 5
Jin says:

Ate this before. It is actually pacific clams and not abalone…misleading sign there.

Posted January 12, 2010
Apple says:

Ah Guan wins ‘bak’ down anytime! Only a fool would go for Lam’s ‘abalone’. Also e parking sucks big time @ Lam’s!

Posted June 21, 2010
florence Bay says:

The noodle is perfect for me, when sometime I craved for the pungent black vinegar smell. Is very tasty and almost like restaurnt standard and you pay a coffee shop price. Only one of the waitress need to undergo course to be tactful when handling customer as she is crude and rude and argumentative and she look dirty and unkempt. Otherwise everything is perfect, have patroned for almost 12 over years. Yummy!!!

Posted August 7, 2010
Linda says:

It look super yummy n cheap too.. Will try it. Thanks

Posted June 19, 2011
nidiosas says:

nice go and mow now you will be owned go and do what and yes
om now go

Posted December 21, 2011
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