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Kukup Seafood Cum Durian Feast – Unbeatable Prices!
By Alfred June 17, 2009
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Kukup Seafood Cum Durian Feast – Unbeatable Prices!
Fast Facts
Chinese Cuisine
Price Range:
S$41- S$50
Rating Range:
7 to 7.9
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It’s that time of the year again. Durian season! For those who doesn’t go to Johor to have your durian fix, now this is something you probably doesn’t know. Durian season in Malaysia starts from sometime around June to September and once every few years it starts early like May and it would ends early too like sometime in end of July. Now even though you have about 3 months to enjoy the ‘king of fruits’, for those who are really fussy about the quality, durians dropped during the beginning or near the end of the season are to be avoided. Well for some reasons, durians which are prematurely dropped usually display qualities that cannot be called outstanding and it’s the same for the near the end of the season fruits.

Very unfortunately this year is that special year. While eagerly driving into JB last week with my family, we were told the unexpected news that the durian season had started early last month and so now is already the peak. Maybe you would think something like ‘fwah! just nice now can whack the good durians since the prematured ones already dropped last month’. But for durians fanatics like my dad, it is bad news because this only mean that the durian season is coming to an end very soon and there isn’t a lot of time to enjoy those good durians.

If you’re driving into JB for durians, it is wise to actually avoid buying it in Johor Bahru which is technically the area just after you cleared the custom. Ok that area has good prices for many things like kopitiam food, pirated discs, chewing gums, cigarettes, basically almost everything is cheaper than what you can get in Singapore but yet you have to beware if you’re going to buy fruits there especially durians. Reason being there are a lot of unscrupulous sellers who would charge extra high for normal durians or they’ll cleverly change the A grade durians you’ve selected behind the tables and put in lousy grade durians into the bag.

Then I also heard of other stories like how the weighing machines were manipulated to give a higher reading which then you’ll pay for more. Now basically the nickname for these stalls are ‘Gold Seller’. They are trying to sell anything you want to buy but at the price of ‘gold’. Ok it’s very easy to spot such stalls. Usually they’ll operate from a makeshift table which is the back of their van or lorry with all the side chasis opened up. So what you’ll see is a durian stall connected to the head of a vehicle.


The thing is even if these durian sellers are trying to sell you real good quality durians, the prices are usually a tad higher than if you were to drive for about another 15kms into the Kampong. In Kampong area(usually along the road to the town Pontian), there are many stalls along the roads just outside those durian plantations and they’re usually going for something between RM$3 to RM$15 per kg depending on the quality.

For people who are really crazy about durians, they are willing to pay a lot more for the kind of quality that are just maybe 20 to 30% better than those durians that cost a lot lesser. Well not me, for me durians are still durians so all I care about is the freshness. As long the tip of the durian is fresh and when I shake it, the seeds doesn’t move inside, then it’s good. And using just this method, 90% of those durians I’ve bought are usually good even if it cost just RM$3 per kg.


In this trip, the main thing for us was actually the seafood in Kukup. But while driving along, we were in awe of the many many durian stalls and so we decided to quickly make it to the seafood place and make it a quick one before we happily stopped at every stalls along the way back to check out those durians. We had the usual stuff at Kukup like crab, fish, prawns, fried kampong chicken, mee goreng and noodles which cost us RM$129 which was about SGD$50.

Well we could had lowered the price had we got our seafood from the wet market along the way but didn’t bothered this time round as the durian became the main thing along the way. And that’s not the final price yet, considering we got back around $30 for petrol money later on when we pumped it to full, so that’s about around SGD$20 for a seafood meal for 5 person and that kind of price is something you can only fantasize in Singapore. Well, then we further got a few bags of durian weighing at least a walloping 50kg and if you take the money we managed to save on those durians(compared to those price you have to pay in Singapore), then the seafood meal was more than free and technically, the seafood place had given us some Ringgits after they served us a fantastic meal.

A good seafood meal for 5 plus a bag of 50kg fresh durians in Singapore would set you back around $500 no less. There we spent like SGD$150 with our petrol tank filled to full. The savings are astronomical. They have their business, we have our discounts. It’s a win win deal for both parties. So if you have a car then may I ask ” Lu Tan Si Mi ” ?

Price: SGD$50+

Recommendation: Everything

Conclusion: Simply unbeatable prices. Quality can’t be compared to high class restaurants but value is hard to beat.

Likes: Everything that has sambal in it.

Dislikes: No pork used. If they used pork lard for Mee Goreng or Steamed Fish then it would definitely be more fantastic.

Address Overall Rating

Restoran Makanan Laut
66A Kukup Laut 82300
Kukup 82300, Johor
p: 607-6960597

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Readers' Comment(s) : 3
Lim Boon Tiong says:

wa….. 50kgs of durians !?!?!?!?!
eat until siao.

got those seedless one or not?

at the kukup restaurant, is tat the cereal prawns?
it loks like the are very stingy with the cereals.

overall.. its a very worthwhile trip… cheap food, cheap pertrol.. cheap durians..
good quality… BAGUS !!

Posted June 17, 2009
Alfred says:

1 is around 2-3kg, so 50kg is around 20+. So that’s about 2-3 bags. Yeah that’s the cereal prawns. Yeah ceraal expensive there. 😆

Posted June 18, 2009
William Ng says:

Hi, how do i get to a durian plantation? any address?

Posted March 30, 2010
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