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Jie Shuang Qiao Jia Li Fan – Authentic Stall Found At Jalan Besar!
By Alfred December 5, 2009
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Jie Shuang Qiao Jia Li Fan – Authentic Stall Found At Jalan Besar!
Fast Facts
Hainanese Curry Rice
Chinese Cuisine
Coffee Shop
Price Range:
S$1 - S$5
Rating Range:
7 to 7.9
Jalan Besar
Food Centre:
Recommended For:
Breakfast Lunch
Reviewed by:

There are many little streets in places like Jalan Besar, Beach Road or North Bridge Road area where many hidden gems(especially those virtually invisible from high street) are taking residence. One of it is Jie Shuang Qiao Hainanese Curry Rice on Syed Alwi Road. When I was scouring the island for Hainanese Curry Rice stalls for The Hainanese Curry Rice Challenge, I knew there was another one(other than Jian Dao Jian) lurking somewhere in the Jalan Besar vicinity but somehow just could not locate it. It’s a pity Jie Shuang Qiao Hainanese Curry Rice couldn’t be pitted against the rest because they are seriously one of the oldest Hainanese Curry Rice stalls in town.

Curry pots at Jie Shuang Qiao Jia Li Fan

In case you’re wondering how did I manage to locate it, I was passing by the area few days ago and the big pots displayed at the front of the stall drew me to it like a magnet and I found out that they just happened to be the one Hainanese Curry Rice stall that I was looking for a while back! Fwah! The feeling was as good as found a needle in the ocean!

Jie Shuang Qiao Hainanese Curry Rice opens from 4am in the morning to after lunch time, that obviously tells you something right? I mean there aren’t a lot of Hainanese Curry Rice stalls that can provide you with a fix in the middle of the night so this looks like a Hainanese gem to behold.

Just like the common Hainanese Curry Rice stalls, they have the authentic items like pork chops, curry sotong, lor bak, stewed cabbage and many others. There are 2 types of pork chops here. One is the fried pork chop(bak pa) and the other type is doused with a kind of special sauce. Can’t see myself missing either type so both types together with stewed cabbage were ordered by yours truly.

Hainanese wet style Pork Chop

The flavour of the wet pork chop here is something you can’t find anywhere else. A little sweet and a little sour with a strong hint of pork lard cum ketchup. It is deep fried and then soaked in gravy that tasted pretty unique. This is seriously quite authentic and it is good enough to even make me empty my plate of rice with nothing else.

Hainanese Pork Chop aka ba pa

The deep fried pork chop is pretty similar to those from Beo Crescent, with a strong sweetness and plenty of the substance are actually lard. This should be considered as one of the better pork chop around though too much of it can make you feel ‘jerlad’ so remember to consume it in moderation.

Hainanese stewed cabbage

The stewed cabbage is quite bland for me though it’s quite pleasant to eat with all the curry and everything else. I guess if you dump all your cabbage into the pot with water with nothing else and let it simmer, this is what you will get. Can be good or bad for you depending on how much flavour you think your stewed cabbage should have. For me it lacks punch and I would prefer to go for other kinds of vegetable next time.

Hainanese Curry Rice from Jie Shuang Qiao Jia Li Fan $4

The curry tasted like a milder version of the one you can find at Jian Dao Jian, in taste, flavour and texture. For those who find Jian Dao Jian’s curry having too much robustness then this will suit you fine. This stall has been operating for 2 decades so it should be classified as one of those really authentic Hainanese stall. Not the best in town but has a whiff of Jian Dao Jian’s gravy and Beo Crescent’s pork chop. This meal was quite good though didn’t exactly come through with flying colours. Have to wait for me to come back to try the other authentic items to see if I can find any reasons as to why they have to open at 4am early in the morning.

Price: $4

Recommendation: Wet pork chop and dry pork chop. Sotong and tor bak looks good.

Conclusion: I consider this quite good though didn’t quite WOW me. I guess I had eaten too much good Hainanese Curry Rice in the past month and so can’t be WOW that easily. But this is one of the more authentic ones no doubt. The pork chops are something I would definitely order again.

Likes: Authentic. Pork chops are good.

Dislikes: Cabbage is bland.

Address Overall Rating


Jie Shuang Qiao(结霜桥 aka Kek Sng Kio) Hainanese Curry Rice
72 Syed Alwi Road
Corner of Syed Alwi and Jalan Besar
4am – 2pm
Off: Monday

7.5/10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

7.5/10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

7.5/10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 


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