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Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle, Yong Tau Fu – Seriously Shiok, Authentic & Cheap!
By Alfred February 4, 2010
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Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle, Yong Tau Fu – Seriously Shiok, Authentic & Cheap!
Fast Facts
Mee Pok Tah (鱼丸面)
Chinese Cuisine
Hawker Centre
Price Range:
S$1 - S$5
Rating Range:
8 to 8.9
Tiong Bahru
Food Centre:
Tiong Bahru Market
Recommended For:
Breakfast Lunch
Reviewed by:

The beautiful thing about commercialisation of our local hawker food businesses, is that we appreciate the old school stalls(really authentic kind) even more. Nowadays, we have to travel quite a distance to a particular stall to experience a particular authentic taste. I mean after all the travelling hassle(bitter), the sweetness becomes more sweet and the shiokness becomes more shiok, right? It has a greater perceived value(seen as gold!) due to it’s scarcity, otherwise if they are all over the place then they might only have the value of pebbles.

We all know that for mee pok tah(dry fettuccine), the differentiation of ingredients can be broad to levels beyond belief. You can get a mixture of things like pork, prawns, fishballs, fishcakes, bak chor, braised mushrooms, different types of balls, different types of dumplings and so on. It is very common to get 2 fishballs and a few slices of fish cakes for a $3 mee pok tah, so much so that, anything more than that can be considered a BONUS.

Mee Pok Tah $3

Now I am going to tell you about this terrific mee pok tah stall which will give you a LOT of ingredients(seriously a lot!!) for just $3 and not only that, all their ingredients are handmade at the stall and not only that, it is a damn shiokadodoly good bowl of mee pok tah with every ingredients that come in the bowl taste damn shiok!!

Ingredients rack

Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle cum Yong Tau Fu stall at Tiong Bahru market looks like one of those typical noodle stalls except that when it’s your turn to order, the seller will ask you ‘Yong Tau Fu’ or ‘ Fish Ball’ ?

I’m not sure about the yong tau fu but the fishball bowl is damn power alright! You get 4-5 fishballs, 2 big pieces handmade meatballs(extra shiok!), 2-3 pieces of fish dumplings aka her giao(made in the stall also!), 4-5 pieces of pork slices and plenty of delicious hand made fried fishcakes(super shiok)! It all looked more like a $6 bowl and truth is I would even be happy to pay $6 for it!

Mee Pok Tah $3

The best part of this mee pok tah experience for me is the ingredients which are seriously authentic. The chilli is also shiok and the soup is also shiok! For $3 I don’t know how a bowl of mee pok tah can get any shioker. The only gratitude I can show to Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle stall is to say shiok shiok shiok many times on my blog. Do yourself this favour, show up at Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle at Tiong Bahru market and pay them $3. It might just be the best $3 you’d ever spent for any meals. Indeed it was for me.

Mee Pok Tah $3

Price: $3

Recommendation: Fish ball mee pok tah

Conclusion: Super authentic mee pok tah stall. Everything is made at the stall in the morning so you are guaranteed to get the freshest ingredients in your bowl. The amount of ingredients are unbelievable for only $3.

Likes: Authentic. Very shiok. Generous portion.

Dislikes: Nothing.

Address Overall Rating

Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodles
#02-44 30 Seng Poh Road
Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre
Time: 6am to 2pm
Off : Wednesday

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[xrr label=”Authenticity:” rating=”9/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Value:” rating=”10/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Service:” rating=”8/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Ambience:” rating=”7/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Cleanliness:” rating=”7/10″ group=”s1″]
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Readers' Comment(s) : 3
Tony says:

Looks good! Plenty of ingredients – I can’t see the mee pok underneath ;P 9.5! Surely worth the effort and time to make this trip to appreciate the sweetness of authentic hawker food. Thanks!

Posted March 7, 2012
Marcus says:

its an amazing sensation to the taste buds, no doubt. value for money too. but there their level of cleanliness is seriously lacking. u will have to see it for yourself. the lady, handles the food, the plates and money with her bare hands all the time.

Posted April 3, 2012
jennifer says:

i love their noodles and make it a point to eat from their stall if I am around the area. Friendly service

Posted October 21, 2013
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