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Changi Seafood – Very Shiok Live Seafood At Affordable Prices!
By Alfred December 8, 2009
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Changi Seafood – Very Shiok Live Seafood At Affordable Prices!
Fast Facts
Kai Lan Pai Kwat Wong Stir Fried Lala
Chinese Cuisine
Hawker Centre
Price Range:
S$21- S$30
Rating Range:
7 to 7.9
Changi (樟宜)
Food Centre:
Changi Village Hawker Centre
Recommended For:
Dinner Lunch
Reviewed by:

I must confess that I don’t eat at chinese restaurants a lot. It’s not that restaurant’s foods are not shiok but more often than not, you can eat the same thing(most of it) at many cze char places for a lot lesser. In most cases, I find myself pondering over the difference between a $6 plate of kai lan at a cze char place and a $15 one served at a restaurant. Even when I go on trips, I couldn’t practise ‘eating-at-restaurants’ faithfully as compared to ‘whacking-the-street-food’.

By saying that, my intention is of course not to discredit restaurant’s food but it’s just that I prefer to be charmed by the myriad flavours and tastes of the food per se and it is just common sense that we pay for that together with ‘some-other-things’ in a restaurant which is a fair game I guess but then if you consider the fact that you can get the freshest seafood from a kelong at half the price just by crossing the causeway, not to mention the cheaper petrol, chewing gums, pirated disc and other things you can get along the way, then there becomes very few reasons to visit a restaurant in Singapore unless of course if it’s a festive dinner or if you have some company who prefer to eat at a more comfortable environment. So my rationale is simple, cut the act and show me what you have, for immaculate services or spectacular ambience have really nothing to do with the shiokness of a food.

At the far end of the Changi Village Hawker Centre(near to the pulau ubin ferry jetty side), there is an up and coming cze char stall called Changi Seafood which apparently is a ‘crab specialist’. If you’ve been to that area at night, you can easily tell that Changi Seafood is doing one thing well – pulling the crowd. I guess being near to the carpark, they are relentlessly ‘self-advertising’ themself since people always need to walk from the carpark across that area to the other side of the market for their Nasi Lemak. Located at the very eastern end of the island, I guess they could have easily named themself the ‘Alfresco Dining By The Changi Beach’ since it is truly only about 50 metres to the beach. However the mass exterior ceramic structure of the ferry terminal means that there are no beautiful sight to behold from your seat.

Live flower crabs

But yet, in most evenings the tables are filled. Why? The thing that drew me to it was the assortment of live seafood like different types of crabs(mud crab, flower crab and other types) and seashells(lala, gong gong, top shell and others). I mean there isn’t a lot of cze char places that bother to specifically set up an area to keep their seafood alive right? Though that has obviously incurred a higher operating cost, most dishes here are still reasonably priced.

Fried lala aka clams $10

One of the outstanding dishes here is the fried flower lala(huey la). This is a special type of huey la which has a distinct orange tip and it seriously possess one of the most natural seafood’s sweatness I’ve ever tasted. The sauce is very flavoursome from the aromatic chinese wine flavour paired with very shiok sting of spiciness. The combination of the taste and flavour have that profound depth to make it a good reason for me to travel all the way to Changi whenever I think of lala.

Pai Kuat Wong aka Spare Rib King $8

To go with something that almost every other tables ordered won’t go too far wrong. Pai Kuat Wong or the Spare Rib King is also one of the safest choices one can order at any cze char place and indeed here it didn’t disappoint. This is especially good for you if you dread those pork chops which are highly tenderised by bicarbonate soda. There appears to have mild soda used but the pork chop texture is still very much ‘savorable’. What I really liked about the Pai Kuat Wong is the sauce which is not vinegar based but with a hint of ketchup but yet not too much. This just tasted like fresh pork cooked in very fresh sauce. Every bite of it was simply shiok.

Stir Fried Kai Lan $6

Not wanting to go for a sambal kangkong which is far too easy to impress, I went for a Garlic Kai Lan which turned out to be one of the best things you can buy for $6! The texture was right with a little bit of ‘al dente’ instead of ‘fried to death’ as with those you can eat at any cze char stall for a couple of dimes. There was enough volume for you to feel the crunchiness but yet still tender. Common sense isn’t that common at times when it’s to do with the wok and fire but here is where you can trust your $6 with a plate of kai lan where not only the quantity is huge but the quality too. This will be one of the reasons why I will keep coming back to Changi Seafood whenever I need a kai lan fix.

Not sure about the crabs here but I’ve been told good things about the cereal prawns, prawn paste chicken and sambal sotong by friends. Changi Seafood just come across as one of those cze char stalls that serve shiokakly delicious fresh seafood at damn good prices. These 3 dishes I randomly ordered were already heaven sent, definitely one of the better ones I’ve eaten. Hmmm, now there would be very few reasons for me to travel all the way to Chinatown for a shiok cze char fix. Not many cze char places can impress with quality and price but can you imaging telling your friends that you are going to one where you can also stroll to the sea in a few minutes?

Price: $24

Recommendation: Fried lala, fried kai lan and pai kuat wong. Other dishes like cereal prawns, sambal sotong and prawn paste chicken are said to be good.

Conclusion: One of the more affordable cze char places that bothers to keep the seafood alive. The 3 dishes I ordered just also happened to be very shiok. Will definitely come back again to try other items especially the crab’s dishes.

Likes: Fresh seafood, kailan is very delicious. Very affordable.

Dislikes: None.

Address Overall Rating

Changi Seafood
Blk 3 Changi Village Road
Mon to Sat: 11am – 12am
Sun: 2pm – 12am
Tel: 9147 4576

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[xrr label=”Authenticity:” rating=”8/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Value:” rating=”8.5/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Service:” rating=”8/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Ambience:” rating=”7/10″ group=”s1″]
[xrr label=”Cleanliness:” rating=”7/10″ group=”s1″]
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pauline says:

Ya, this is the stall I visited frequently. Where have they move to?

Posted June 8, 2013
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