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Fei Lao Seafood Hor Fun
By Alfred May 6, 2009
Will you pay 2 or 3 times the market rate for really good quality food? I'm not talking about excellent ambience or restaurants with stunning contemporary design or immaculate service. The thing is sometime this kind of 'extra' things can't save the day and only really good food can. However if you believe otherwise then I'm afraid to say in this post I'm going to talk about real delicious food and nothing more, and the fact is you're still going ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.8 | Alfred | Bedok (勿洛) | Chinese Cuisine | Coffee Shop | Dinner | Hor Fun (河粉) | Nil | S$6 - S$10
Editor's Rating
Fei Lao Seafood Hor Fun
Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok Tah
By Alfred May 4, 2009
Fishballs mixed with mee pok and tossed with some chili sauce, does it sound boring to you? Well I'm not a fan of fishballs and so just mee pok and chili sauce alone does sound boring to me. But the good thing is some mee pok sellers have far more imagination and fantasies with additional ingredients such as prawns, minced pork or meatballs. Wait, do I hear readers thumping away on their drums in protest? Well you are right that it's ...
6 to 6.9 | 6.5 | Alfred | Bedok (勿洛) | Breakfast | Chinese Cuisine | Coffee Shop | Lunch | Mee Pok Tah (鱼丸面) | S$1 - S$5 | Simpang Bedok Food Centre
Editor's Rating
Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok Tah
Kelong Seafood Lunch At Kukup Johor
By Alfred May 2, 2009
One of those things my family does frequently is to drive across the causeway for a whiff of the kampong air. While we were there, my father never fails to remind me that Malaysia looked like Singapore in the 80s. Well since we were once part of Malaysia, it is no rocket science that we were strikingly similar before. Being smaller, we've managed to move quicker and it's going to take a while yet for our neighbour. But yet it's ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.5 | Alfred | Brunch | Chinese Cuisine | Johor | Malaysia | Nil | Restaurant | S$61 & above | Seafood
Editor's Rating
Kelong Seafood Lunch At Kukup Johor
Guang Liang Cooked Food Kway Chap @ Bedok Reservoir
By Alfred April 26, 2009
You would be forgiven if you think that Chinese can be disgusting when it comes to eating. Truth is food like innards and turtle soup may not sound common among other races but when cooked in the right way, it can be very delicious. While non eaters(like the westerners) would use words like gross, disturbing and exotic, we say fantastic, delicious and sumptuous. Food culture is a result of the history. In China, people used to be very poor and ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.0 | Alfred | Bedok (勿洛) | Bedok Reservoir Food Centre | Breakfast | Chinese Cuisine | Hawker Centre | Kway Chap (粿汁) | Lunch | S$1 - S$5
Editor's Rating
Guang Liang Cooked Food Kway Chap @ Bedok Reservoir
Hong Kong Cze Char @ Balestier Road
By Alfred April 25, 2009
A true blue Singaporean sure will love a meal of kopitiam Cze Char right? Hands on our heart, can't we say Cze Char is one food that is truly Made-In-Singapore? I mean where else can you find our local delights such as Oyster Omelette, Sambal cuttlefish Kangkong or 'our own flavoured' kind of Pai Gu Wang outside of Singapore? Ok ok Malaysia also have but for those who does frequent eating trips across the causeway, I'm sure ...
5 to 5.9 | 5.5 | Alfred | Assam Fish Head (亞三鱼头) | Balestier (马里士他) | Chinese Cuisine | Coffee Shop | Cze Char Food | Dinner | Kai Lan | Nil | S$41- S$50
Editor's Rating
Hong Kong Cze Char @ Balestier Road
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