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The Opeh Leaf Hor Fun Challenge – Part 5: Fatty Weng At Guillemard Road
By Alfred November 24, 2009
The construction of what will be a very tok kong(fantastic) hor fun is, as I've mentioned many times before, the ingredients used( good seafood), tasty gravy and good wok hei. For those who are unclear, wok hei here is referring to the charred surface that appears on the hor fun which will provide every mouthful of it with a little 'grilled' aroma similar to what you get in satays or steaks. It's just that little bit of charred(not a lot) ...
5 to 5.9 | 5.3 | Alfred | Chinese Cuisine | Coffee Shop | Dinner | Geylang | Hor Fun (河粉) | Lunch | Nil | S$6 - S$10 | Supper | The Opeh Leaf Hor Fun Challenge
Editor's Rating
The Opeh Leaf Hor Fun Challenge – Part 5: Fatty Weng At Guillemard Road
Old Tiong Bahru Road Bak Kut Teh : Is it worth the trouble?
By Alfred June 10, 2009
I have so many overseas friends telling me that Singapore is famous for Yuk Kuat Char(Bak Kut Teh). They actually ranked Bak Kut Teh among the same level in terms of popularity as Chicken Rice or Chilli Crab. So it seems to me that to foreigners, Bak Kut Teh is as native to Singapore as Dim Sum is to Hong Kong. You and I know that not every hawker centres sell Bak Kut Teh. There was even once, I searched the ...
5 to 5.9 | 5.8 | Alfred | Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶) | Breakfast | Chinese Cuisine | Coffee Shop | Lunch | Nil | S$1 - S$5 | Tiong Bahru
Editor's Rating
Old Tiong Bahru Road Bak Kut Teh : Is it worth the trouble?
Simpang Bedok Roti Prata
By Alfred May 7, 2009
Have you ever wondered whether the roti prata man is making a lot of money or not? Well I have and I always wonder. On one hand they're selling to you nothing more than a piece of flour with diluted curry water for 80 cent to $1. But on the other hand, they need to flip and pan fry and that looked so physical until when they finally put the prata infront of you they looked so tired and seems ...
5 to 5.9 | 5.5 | Alfred | Bedok (勿洛) | Breakfast | Coffee Shop | Indian Cuisine | Lunch | Roti Prata | S$1 - S$5 | Simpang Bedok Food Centre
Editor's Rating
Simpang Bedok Roti Prata
Hong Kong Cze Char @ Balestier Road
By Alfred April 25, 2009
A true blue Singaporean sure will love a meal of kopitiam Cze Char right? Hands on our heart, can't we say Cze Char is one food that is truly Made-In-Singapore? I mean where else can you find our local delights such as Oyster Omelette, Sambal cuttlefish Kangkong or 'our own flavoured' kind of Pai Gu Wang outside of Singapore? Ok ok Malaysia also have but for those who does frequent eating trips across the causeway, I'm sure ...
5 to 5.9 | 5.5 | Alfred | Assam Fish Head (亞三鱼头) | Balestier (马里士他) | Chinese Cuisine | Coffee Shop | Cze Char Food | Dinner | Kai Lan | Nil | S$41- S$50
Editor's Rating
Hong Kong Cze Char @ Balestier Road


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