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Dai Dong Prawn Noodle – Best Prawn Mee Soup For Me!
Hui Ji Fish Ball Noodle, Yong Tau Fu – Seriously Shiok, Authentic & Cheap!
Swee Heng Wanton Noodle – The $133,000 Wanton Mee Stall
Jia Xiang Sliced Fish Soup & Noodles – If You Love Seafood As Much As Your Bak Chor Mee
Yong Huat – Possibly The Only Place You Get Tik Poh In Your Prawn Noodles!
Lam’s Prawn Noodles – If You Relish A Proper Old School Prawn Soup!

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Wong Kok Char Chan Teng – It is shiok but in another way!
By Alfred September 1, 2009
Recent years, we've seen more and more Hong Kong style cafes penetrating our local market. But have you wondered why it is so popular? In Hong Kong, tea restaurants/cafes or the Cha Chan Teng as they called it, have been around for a long long time. Over there, it's at these eating outlets that the western food culture gained foothold whereas ours started from kopitiams. The Char Chan Teng originally started getting popular in Macau offering Macanese cuisine ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.3 | Alfred | Bugis (武吉士) | Cafe | Cheong Fan | Chinese Cuisine | Dinner | HK French Toast | Lunch | Nil | S$31- S$40
Editor's Rating
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng – It is shiok but in another way!
Mattar Road Seafood’s Chilli Crab – Cheap & Good, Almost there!
By Alfred August 26, 2009
Have you ever thought about whether is it worth your money to visit a restaurant for chilli crabs? Judging by the standards dishing out by some Cze Char stalls in kopitiams and in hawker centres, it appears that there can be only a very thin line in the difference in standards. So what are the things that connote a shiokadodo plate of delicious crab? The first is that the crab must be 'chee'(fresh). The definition of 'chee' is that it ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.8 | Alfred | Chilli Crab | Chinese Cuisine | Dinner | Hawker Centre | Kallang | Old Airport Road Food Centre | S$31- S$40 | Sweet Potato Leaves
Editor's Rating
Mattar Road Seafood’s Chilli Crab – Cheap & Good, Almost there!
Thien Kee – Authentic Hainanese Steamboat
By Alfred July 3, 2009
Maybe some of you may ask, what is the difference between Hainanese steamboat or Hokkien steamboat or Teochew steamboat? Well Teochew style of steamboat consists mainly of fish especially pomfret. In many places, it is called Fish Head Steamboat and it's soup usually has remarkable flavours which derived from the use of dried sole or tik poh. Now that flavour, just like all Teochew food has a whiff of that Teochew-ness if you know what I mean. Hainanese steamboat is ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.3 | Alfred | Chinese Cuisine | Dinner | Hainanese Steamboat | Lavender | Nil | Restaurant | S$31- S$40
Editor's Rating
Thien Kee – Authentic Hainanese Steamboat
Cafe De Hong Kong On Balestier Road
By Alfred May 31, 2009
Now we all know that Indonesia were once colonized by the Dutch. Of course the main reason was for economical purposes. Indonesia was full of resources like coffee, sugar and spices back then and the Dutch were crazy over spices like cloves and nutmeg. If I were to tell you that French also once colonized some parts of Indonesia, would you believe? Of course you wouldn't believe since according to history that never happened. But yet there is this place in Indonesia ...
6 to 6.9 | 6.5 | Alfred | Balestier (马里士他) | Cafe | Chinese Cuisine | Dinner | Hor Fun (河粉) | Lunch | Nil | S$31- S$40 | Salt Pepper Pork | Tofu
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Cafe De Hong Kong On Balestier Road


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