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Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway – The Marvellous Flavour Still Lingers!
By Alfred October 17, 2009
It is often said that, a good plate of chai tao kway(carrot cake) is done using kway(cake of the radish) that must not be outsourced. And I'm just wondering why those franchised chwee kway stalls are still getting the queues when not only the kway(rice cake) but the chai poh and even the chilli sauce are obviously outsourced. Actually, outsourced food doesn't really mean bad food. When the QC department is doing their job, mass-produced food can still ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.3 | Alfred | Carrot Cake (菜頭粿) | Chinese Cuisine | Dinner | Hawker Centre | Lunch | River Valley | S$1 - S$5 | Zion Riverside Food Centre
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Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway – The Marvellous Flavour Still Lingers!
Fortunate Restaurant Buffet Style Dim Sum
By Alfred August 21, 2009
When I thought about food in Singapore that has the potential to be further transformed, Dim Sum relentlessly came to mind. As a Dim Sum lover, I always make it a mission to try Dim Sums when I was overseas. You would be surprised to know that some of the best Dim Sums I had abroad was not in restaurants but in some kind of run down HK style teahouses. In Hongkong, Dim sums are sold everywhere and from my ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.5 | Alfred | Carrot Cake (菜頭粿) | Cheong Fan | Chicken Feet | Chinese Cuisine | Dim Sum (点心) | Fried Beancurd Roll | Fried Prawn Roll | Guo Tie | Har Gow | High Tea | Lunch | Nil | Orchard | Pai Kuat | Paper Chicken | Redbean & Banana Pancake | Restaurant | S$11 - S$20 | Scallops Cheong Fan | Scallops Har Gow | Steamed Beancurd Roll
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Fortunate Restaurant Buffet Style Dim Sum
Bedok Blk 511 Carrot Cake – Still only $1.50!
By Alfred July 24, 2009
For some hawkers, outsourcing of ingredients nowadays seems to be the natural thing to do. The reason is because the making of some ingredients can be a time consuming and labour intensive process, so much so that at the end of the day, they may be left wondering 'What's the point?' after calculating the cost of earning that few more bucks. As a matter of fact, 'Outsourcing' exists in many areas of our lives. Long long time ago, our forefathers were ...
7 to 7.9 | 7.3 | Alfred | Bedok (勿洛) | Bedok North Blk 511 Food Centre | Breakfast | Carrot Cake (菜頭粿) | Chinese Cuisine | Hawker Centre | S$1 - S$5
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Bedok Blk 511 Carrot Cake – Still only $1.50!


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